How to fix faulty Wp Video Downloader themes

You watch and follow the order on the instructions File/Video-downloader-2.5/Documentation/index.html

Note the following: (New installation if necessary)
1. Deactivate both ( Theme + Plugin ) of All in One Video Downloader

2. Click to Install Now Plugin Polylang to then Activate (1st)

3. After upload / Activate the plugin “All in One Video Downloade”

4. Upload / Activate the theme “AIO Video Downloader Default”

5. Create a downloader page > Create a new page on dashboard > Enable custom fields custom fields
Create a new custom field (you can use enter new) with name show_download_form show download form
Set the value of it 1. You can set value back to 0 if you want to hide the download form.
Save and publish the page.

6. You can add homepage content on Plugin Settings > Appearance tab > Check select all

Add the line of code before in the file /wp-content/themes/aiodl-default/header.php :

<link rel=’stylesheet’ id=’aiodl-default-style-css’ href=’/wp-content/themes/aiodl-default/style.css?ver=1.2.3′ media=’all’ />

=> SAVE => DONE !

Good luck!

Themes fix: aiodl-default

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